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Контроллеры заряда АКБ
Morningstar TriStar – PWM 45 (12/24/48V)
Контроллеры заряда АКБ
Steca Solsum 10.10f (12/24V)
Контроллеры заряда АКБ
Morningstar TriStar – MPPT 45 (12/24/36/48V)
Контроллеры заряда АКБ
Morningstar TriStar – MPPT 60 (12/24/36/48V)
Контроллеры заряда АКБ
Steca Tarom 245 (12/24V)
Контроллеры заряда АКБ
Victron BlueSolar MPPT 150/45-МС4 (12/24/48V)

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Unisolar is a leader in project deliveries in Ukraine. Our company employs world-wide experience in implementing large-scale solar projects in combination with unique practical solutions in the Eastern European market over the past 10 years. The main specialization of Unisolar is the construction of solar power plants on a turn-key basis from the planning stage to the commissioning of the plant. We provide more reliable and cost-effective solutions for our customers. We work with the world's largest manufacturers of inverters and solar panels. The system standards set by our experienced engineers guarantee that the photoelectric modules, inverters, mounting structures and other components will be optimally suited for solving the problem posed by the customer. more